Paintless Dent Removal available in Lubbock, TX

At Hail Repair Pro, we provide only high-quality Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) and Hail Repair to all makes and models of vehicles, removing those unsightly and annoying dents. We have successfully repaired vehicles in the Lubbock area for many years. PDR is a way of removing dents from automobiles without disturbing the original paint finish. Our certified technicians use this repair method from minor dents and dings to major hail damage. This process allows for preservation of the original paint finish and decreased repair time, costs, and insurance claims.

If your vehicle has hail damage, hire us for paintless dent removal. Call to schedule an appointment today.

Why Choose Local?

There are a lot of small, new dent repair companies popping up lately. At Hail Repair Pro, our PDR Nation Certified technicians will make sure your vehicle gets repaired properly and completely. We have been in the business of removing dents for over 17 years locally.

Your insurance company WILL underestimate the cost to repair your car - Call us for a free damage evaluation before deciding what to do about your hail damage.


Avoid these costly mistakes with your paint damage repairs

After providing hail damage repair and auto dent removal services for as long as we have, we've seen many Lubbock, TX residents make the same mistakes with their vehicles. If you want to avoid making these costly mistakes, you should:

Get hail damage repairs or auto dent removal services right away to avoid creating unfixable damage
File a claim with your insurance company after the initial damage occurs
Go to a trustworthy shop that can provide you with high-quality auto dent removal services

Our certified and experienced team has the skill set and tools needed to make your damage disappear with ease. That way, you can avoid the headache of a lengthy, complicated and costly process.